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Let's blow the testicles off of every man, woman, and child.

Ja, mein Freulein!

Linzer Binzer
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"My dear, you more than make up for that in body language."
---Andrew Waple, giving me the greatest compliment ever when I said that I don't really have a good grasp of the english language.

"You make me feel so stoned."
---Drew Tisdale, to me.

"Laugh every day. Laugh many, many times daily, and then laugh some more. Laugh at yourself, laugh at others. Laugh at irony, laugh at the past, laugh at the future. Laugh loudly, laugh boisterously. Laugh till you can hardly breathe, then laugh some more. Laugh until people laugh at you, and laugh at them. Laugh until you annoy people, and then laugh at their pettiness. And then laugh some more."
-----Mitchell Day

Lindsey Charles, a random and inpecunious bi-racial female, lives in Chicago, Illinois with her . She works as a receptionist at an Intellectual Property office answering phones and pretending to be professional. By night, she does drastically artistic things, like acting or singing or drawing or painting or drinking (which is the most artistic of them all). She likes tilapia, popcorn, and olives. She primarily shops at thrift stores. Everything is funny to her. She goes nowhere without a purse including her iPod, a notebook, a sketchbook, and a regular book. She loves her brother above all men. She makes friends and sometimes enemies. She pretends to know German and is scared of money. She writes plays about nothing of any great importance, mostly ones about sex and historical figures. She is lovably precocious and bold with most choices. She feels three times stronger than most people. She can't say no. Her mother is her best friend. She is confident in who she is, but is also confident in change. She knows something wonderful is coming for her, but she's getting sick of waiting.