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(no subject) [Jul. 2nd, 2010|11:48 am]
Linzer Binzer
Hello! Stuff is so busy in Chi-Land! I'm preparing to move in WITH A BOY and I've got a show on the 10th, and I'm gonna hang with my fam this weekend, but I still have time to keep you updated!

The Tour: WAS AWESOME!!!!! I had such a blast! It was amazing to put my work-life on hold and ride around from state to state in a van for 2 weeks with 2 boys that I love (one that I LOVE love), and my only worries were getting to the venue and where we were sleeping that night. And we got to hang out with my mom like three times!

Ryan: I LOVE THIS DUDE! Yesterday he sang me a song in falsetto and bought me dinner (Itallain Beef). He was awesome during tour-time, we didn't get sick of each other and we're gonna go to Indy together this weekend in order to have our parents meet each other (yikes and hooray!).

Accomplishments: Got Sarah to like Akira (the movie, AND she's reading the comic now), bought a new PA speaker, was tapped to write a small play for a halloween show (Title: The Tale of the Pizza Beast).

Work: Same old, same old. Quite a revolving door around here, but I'm keepin' busy and whatnot.

Movies/TV you should watch: Lie to Me, The Human Centipede (First Sequence), Toy Story 3, everything on the website everythingisterrible.com, the re-built Evangelion 1.0 (though you'll have to wait FOREVER for 2.0 because no one has american rights to it yet).

Anyway, that's the short of it! Hope you all have great weekends!!!
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Linzer Binzer

June 3: Grand Haven, MI @ Elk's Lounge
June 4: Grand Rapids, MI @ TBA
June 5: Columbus, OH @ The Boneyard
June 6: Rochester, NY @ The Flying Squirrel
June 7: Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Art Space
June 8: Baltimore, MD @ Pet Cemetery
June 9: No date yet :(
June 10: Charlotte, NC @ TBA
June 11: No date yet :(
June 12: Louisville, KY @ The Brycc House
June 13: Cincinnati, OH @ Mayday
June 15: Madison, WI @ The Wisco
June 16: Chicago, IL @ The Box Social

I can't stress how nervous I am. I hope we don't have to sleep in the van. I hope I get to shower every now and then. I hope I don't lose my mind being stuck in a van with 3 boys. I hope we don't fight. I hope the van doesn't break down. I hope we get a van cuz we don't have one yet. I hope that I can get Ryan alone sometimes. I hope we make money and I HOPE WE MAKE FAAAAAAAAAAAANS!!!!
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Vroom Vroom! [Apr. 19th, 2010|05:29 pm]
Linzer Binzer

To get you back up to speed, it's been busy.

1. Keenan and Kelly came to visit on the same weekend and it was a BLAST, cuz I love the hell out of those two. Keenan and I had some quality bro/sis time, drank lots of soda and ate lots of doughnuts. Kelly had crazy allergies, but she had a good time too. I cried when they left.

2. I loved both The Runaways (Kristen Stewart can do whatever the fuck she wants cuz she did an AMAZING Joan Jett, but Dakota Fanning acted too hard), and Clash of the Titans (but it definitely doesn't need to be seen in 3D).

3. My co-worker owns a building that has 2 apartments in it and says we can move our band in AND REHEARSE WHENEVER WE WANT, and the bar on the first floor is open to us 4 nights out of the month, and we're taking it! Justin lives with Alex, and RYAN LIVES WITH MEEEEEE!! I told him I was worried about him choosing this just cuz it's a sweet band deal, and he told me that he's just being a wuss about the whole thing and really thinks moving in with each other would be a great thing. And now he tells me how awesome it will be living together cuz he'll cook me delicious food and we'll live close to the Mutiny! Seriously, my life will become something out of a reality tv show.

Why am I numbering? I'm gonna stop numbering.

So I've been hella homesick lately. Yeah, Keenan came for Easter Weekend and I got to have lots of time with him, but FUCK, when he got back on the Megabus, I wanted to go with him. Mom has called lots too, saying she's having a hard time dealing with a teenage boy that doesn't wanna chat with or hang out with his mom. She seems so lonely and pre-menopausal that I feel like I need to go home just to give her a little company. And cuddles. And raspberries. SO, because I got a nice little tax return, I BOOKED AN EFFING FLIGHT TO COLUMBUS for Memorial Day Weekend! Hooray for a one-hour trip instead of a seven-hour trip!!!

The guy that was mixing our EP sent us mixes the other day. I like it, but it needs some tweaks. AND we need to figure out the art for it. AND I need to draw up a flyer for the next show we're doing. AAAAAND someone is helping us book a tour for June and I'M SO BUSY! The band has really been taking over my brain, seeing as we're moving in together and we still need a van and the EP done and a tour done and some outdoor festivals booked.

I've also been taken on as my drummer's Magic Manager. His manager for his magic business, I mean. I get ten percent!

I've basically been taking on any new thing that helps me be more organized. One can't be too organized, really.

Oh god, it's 5:27. What am I still doing here?!
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Sundaaaaay [Mar. 21st, 2010|08:15 pm]
Linzer Binzer
This last week was, again, a good kind of insane. I was in a St. Patrick's Day show where I performed a piece I wrote about Jamaicans celebrating St. Patty's and raping a woman with potatoes, and I was James Lipton. The Cell Phones also had an all-ages show that was very rad with a very excited and loving audience (including a girl who couldn't stop hugging me and who had a tattoo of Beth Ditto on her arm). We didn't get home til like 4am.

Here's what the week looked like:

Saturday, Sunday, Monday: Rehearsals for St. Patrick's Day show
Tuesday: St. Patrick's Day show (McCarry came!)
Wednesday: Blob show AND St. Patrick's Day show (BACK TO BACK)
Thursday, Friday: Blob show (with one night of cast partying)
Saturday: Blob show AND All-Ages Cell Phones show (BACK TO BACK)

Today I've been in hiding. When Ryan left for work, he said 'spend all day here if you want' and so I have, now that his house has the internet. When I asked him for his computer password, he invited me to go play pool with the guys he looks afer. They were very friendly and the pool hall we went to was beautiful, and I beat Ryan's ass! We all had a lot of fun, and then Ryan dropped me back off at his place.

As usual, his cat was being a total bitch at first, but she's snuggled up to me. I've been trying to finish the Palahniuk book I've been reading for a while (because, frankly, I want to read The Crying of Lot 49 again) and Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is on netflix instant so I finished that off too (for the millionth time). I fell asleep watching Top Gun, which I've never seen but has MICHAEL IRONSIDE in it. Tom Cruise is a dripping pussy of a pilot. Ryan's due at 9 and hopefully he'll be as hungry as me.

I feel like I'm hibernating. This shitty 'winter' weather is bullshit, and it's nice to be in a cozy room all by myself. After alternating days of work with nights of shows, this is a lovely 1 day break from all this craziness. Days like this are just as important as everything else.

This also makes me want to live with Ryan. We could, I mean our leases are up at the same time, but it's only been just under a year and I don't know if either of us are ready for it. But being surrounded by his stuff (the light-up Jesus and Mary, the chess board, his stack of paintings), I think "I could do this." Buuuut whatever. At the moment, I'm enjoying myself. The end.
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Weekend from BOTH HEAVEN AND HELL? [Mar. 1st, 2010|03:08 pm]
Linzer Binzer
I'm writing all of this to keep it straight in my head because this weekend was a blur and a half. It was busy, stressful, but THRILLING and exactly what I'd like to do with the rest of my life...but of course I'd like to get paid much, much more and not have to work a real job. And a personal assistant with a car would be real nice.

4-SHOW WEEKEND, DAY 1Collapse )

4-SHOW WEEKEND, DAY 2Collapse )

Sunday was way less crazy, though. All I did was sleep in, cuddle, watch hockey, and eat pizza. It was a well-needed day of doing nothing. We didn't even look for our missing bag (but I got a message today on my facebook that Aaron DID indeed grab the bag and has it in his car!!!)

Tonight I'm gonna go home to my neglected apartment, clean it up a bit, and do my laundry. Of course, time keeps movin' on, and this week's got some busy stuff in it too. We're meeting with a mixer tomorrow for our EP so we can try and get our music out! And more play performances! At least we don't have a Cell Phones show until the 20th. Right now I just want to make the new song sound good and make MORE new songs!
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I'm still heeeeeeeeeere! [Feb. 22nd, 2010|04:49 pm]
Linzer Binzer
I promise promise promise to be better about updating regularly. For now, here's a brief update on my Right Now:

- I'm in Tech Week rehearsals for a show called "The Somewhat Gelatinous B.L.O.B. From Beyond The Grave (And Also The Grave's In Outer Space)". Opening night is Friday.

- Also on Friday (and the Saturday after), I have Cell Phones shows AFTER the play. It's gonna be a fa-reeeky weekend.

This is as far ahead as I can think at the moment. I was able to do my year-end contemplations, which is below. And that, my friends, should get you all the fuck caught up!

7 Things about 2009 that I loved (and I warn you, there will be LOTS of exclamation points...)Collapse )

7 Things I will do in 2010Collapse )
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Great Things! [Nov. 23rd, 2009|05:09 pm]
Linzer Binzer
So I'm watching The Girlfriend Experience by Soderbergh and it stars real-life porn star Sasha Grey as an high-end escort with a boyfriend. If I were a man that had bought Sasha Grey for an escort, I'd be BORED TO TEEEARS. She has this slow, subdued voice that makes me want to strangle her. Also, this movie is less about escorts and more about the economic crisis, because that's all that anyone talks about.

Anyway, hello! I forget that people read this, and whenever I'm reminded, I immediately want to post. The reason for this post is Kelly's last phone call.

This last weekend was like being at some vacation resort. The second I got off work on Friday, I EXPLODED out of my desk because Ryan planned this crazy/awesome night where he bought me dinner, we watched Reincarnation, a Japanese horror flick that I fell asleep and had to re-watch the end of, we played pool, came back home and watched another movie (the life story of Martha Stewart) and didn't go to sleep until 6am. We didn't have breakfast until 2 in the afternoon the next day.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much exactly the same. Variations: Playing Left 4 Dead 2 with Garrett (AMAZING), Hanging with Alex for her birthday (I ate fancy seafood at Shaw's), partying with old IU buddies (some I had no idea lived here!)...but mostly it was Ryan. Being with him is like being at an amusement park.

I'm holding on for Tuesday, because Tuesday night I GET TO GO HOME FOR THANKSGIVING!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I haven't seen my mother since the 4th of Fucking July! I've NEVER wanted to see my mother and brother more than RIGHT NOW. And not to mention Kelly! Ahhhhhhh! I promised Keenan I'd take him to some horrible metal/screamo band, and Kelly might take me to A BLUE JACKETS GAME!!! I'd truly lose my shit, I think.

OH we had a show last Wednesday and a small diy record company came to see us and want to help us record a 7-inch and distribute it! Yaaaaaah! They seemed like really nice guys and they truly want to help us go on to bigger and better things. So that's another great thing too.

Ahhhh also I'm having dinner tonight with Megan Flynn, who did makeup for Hedwig when Ryan Wells and I were in it and Anneliese directed! I haven't seen her since the second time I did Rocky in Bloomington. Chicago is a vaccum that sucks in all the awesome people. I'm trying to suck in P Jordan, but heaven knows where that nugget of love will end up.

Welp, that seems to be it on my end. HAPPY SANKSGIVING!!!
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How I'm Doing in Eight Minutes [Oct. 22nd, 2009|04:52 pm]
Linzer Binzer
[soundtrack of my life |Atlas Sound, Logos (new album AND YOU NEED TO TOUCH IT!)]

1. The Cell Phones went up against 77 bands at a Battle of the Bands at the Elbo Room...and won. We won first place. It was a freaking crazy surprise, and now we get to record 4 tracks for free! We've got another guy that wants to pay for us to record an EP, too! Things are definitely looking up for this little band of mine.

2. I've dated a guy for HALF A YEAR. We're on unknown ground now, at least for me! Really it feels like a year and a half, but who's counting*? Either way, it's a big deal for me because for the first time ever, I'm in a relationship that has lasted more than a flipping month, and I'm in love and actually 100% sure about it. I even said the L-Word the other day, and I don't mean Lesbian. It went like this:

Me: I love you, Ryan.
Ryan: Aw, you're sweet. I love you too.
Ryan: Please don't cry.
Me: [STILL CRYING] Sorry, hearing that just meant a lot to me.
Ryan: [very nonchalantly] I've always loved you.
Ryan: Please don't be gay.

3. I've been in Chicago for 2 years. I love this place so hard, but then again, winter hasn't come yet. My job is still tolerable. I don't sleep, but I'm still well.

4. At any given time, my clothing has cat hair from 3 different cats. Sometimes 4. All my friends have cats that love me.

5. Bloomington better WATCH OUT because I'm comin' for the Rocky Horror Screening! AND I'm bringing the band! We're gonna play Collins on Halloween afternoon and I'm kind of freaking out about going back to Bton and EATING FOOD! OH MY GOD MOTHER BEARS! OH MY GOD RUNCIBLE! OH MY GOD TROJAN HORSE AND VILLAGE DELI AND NOM NOM NOM!

6. We're ALSO gonna play in Indy on November 1st. Indy Friends: COME SEE US!

7. I have to pee, so I guess I'm done. Once I can find the cord to my camera, I'll put up a pic or two.

8. I love you. I'm sorry it's been so long. Sorry I'm too busy to tell you how I am. I miss you and hope you're all doing okay.

9. *burp*

10. That really happened.

*I am!
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Barthday Week = SUCCESS! [Sep. 4th, 2009|12:07 pm]
Linzer Binzer
[soundtrack of my life |Fiery Furnaces, "Teach Me Sweetheart"]

I meant to send this aaaages ago. I'll spare you all the reading: BEST BIRTHDAY WEEK EVER.Collapse )

Long story short, I feel really really good about 25.
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Linzer Binzer
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